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Dysmorphia: fictional alterations of the appearance.

About body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a somatomorphic mental disorder where the affected ones are obsessed with one or several physical flaws, triggering a profound deformation on their self-perception. It is portrayed in 6 big drawings and a field notebook that gathers its creation process. It also includes the private-public duality: the notebook, kind of a personal diary, visceral and almost violent; faced against the thorough treatment and dignity that these large figures own. This project was done as end-of-degree for the Fine Arts Degree at Vigo University, on June 2019.


100 x 70 cm. Pencil on Caballo paper, 370g.

Finalist at "Alonso Cano" UGR prize, Visual Arts category. Exhibition at Palacio del Almirante in Granada, from 15th December 2020 to 5th february 2021.

Notebook sketches

29.7 x 42 cm.